A Christian’s relationship with God

It’s quite fascinating as to how God uses analogies to describe different situations, characters and relationships in the bible. But the one analogy that God uses to describe the relationship between true Christians and him is often side-lined, and this relegation of the nature of the relationship has served greatly to our detriment one too many times. This article ought to enlighten you as to how God has described our relationship with him. He uses the relationship between sheep and their Shepherd at various points in the bible to narrate our relationship with him.

Psalm 100:3
“Know that he is the Lord, he is God! It is he who made us, and we are his, we are his people, and the sheep of his pasture”
God, being self-described as a shepherd, uses the word sheep to describe those who follow him. It’s a no-brainer as to why God uses the sheep to outline Christians. You see, sheep follow their shepherd wholeheartedly, they give little thought as to where he is leading them to and the sheep adhere to his instructions and follow his directions. In summary, they follow that shepherd blindly.

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We see this in Genesis 12, where God simply told Abraham to leave his house, his country to a land he would show him. Now, I don’t know how much faith any of us have but if God told any of us to get up and leave a place we were born in, grew up in, and no doubt had friends and family in, it would be kind of a good time to disagree. But, Abraham didn’t he rarely knew god but chose to follow him without giving a thought or sulking. That is true faith and trust, that is the perfect example of a sheep in God’s flock, Abraham followed God blindly without complaint, without knowledge of where God was taking him to and what he had in store for him and God happened to make a name for him, installing him as one of the greatest (if not the greatest) patriarchs in the world. I’m not going to elaborate on how God still tested Abraham’s blind faith with his new son Isaac, because that type of faith is till beyond my comprehension, but you get the gist. If you truly count yourself amongst his flock, your faith in him as your shepherd is to be blind. You are not supposed to give thought to your pride or narcissism or even wonder what’s in it for you, you follow him without question like Abraham did, then you’re worthy enough to be counted amongst his flock.

Philippians 4:13
“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”

They are way too many people who take this verse out of context, very few people seem to even wonder what exactly this means and how God uses it. In this current day and age in which people seem to be fooled into believing that because you profess to serve God you have suddenly gained the ability to succeed in anything and everything , with some being so delusional as to thinking that they’re capable of anything. No…… that verse is God telling you that you’re are vulnerable and weak on your own. Your strength lies in him, there is nothing you can do without him. He is the one who points you in a direction and he’s the one who sees you through it. There is no sheep who can survive in a forest full of wolves without a shepherd to protect it, same way there is no Christian who can survive and thrive in this world, while living a life of Christ without God. Way too many Christians walk around with their chests high and their noses turned up thanks to their misconception of this verse, they live in their pretend, make-believe world in which they’re in change while God has been relegated to some kind of dispenser that only serves to boost their ego. they’ll go around social media proclaiming “good works” and “favour from God” foolishly thinking they’re in control and assuming God is some kinda Genie in a bottle whose only purpose is to grant gifts like Santa Claus on Christmas day.

I wonder which flock of sheep you’ve seen in which a certain sheep leads the shepherd. I don’t think the bible says Abraham took his family out of his country after telling God to make him a great name and instructed God to build a great nation after him, because he “believed in him”

You may not believe you do so, but when you say absolutely naive things like “God’s got my back” or “I can do anything because I’m Christian” you ought to realize what you’re doing. He hasn’t got your back, he’s driving and you’re following, he’s in charge and you’re in submission, there’s no sort of partnership in the church of Jesus Christ, you’re supposed to be in perfect obedience and servitude and HE would make a name for you! Don’t go around with narcissistic thoughts and pride thinking you can accomplish anything because you’ve got some dispenser of goodies on your back, you’ll only fool yourself if you do so.

You can do all things HE sends you to do through his strength, which he has given you. This kind of relationship you have with god is an adoption, HE cares for you, HE protects you, HE guides you, HE instructs you and YOU obey without complaint or rebellion. Any thought otherwise is tantamount to pride and foolishness.
Learn from Abraham, you follow him without question, without complaint and without pride. You’re a sheep in a flock, following a Shepherd case closed. It’s time you started acting and following like one.
God bless.


Don’t be a respecter of persons

I thought this ought to be a good lesson to talk to Christians about. We are saved by the blood of Jesus, yes, but we’re still humans. We still have that tendency to sin and backslide on many fronts. I heard a sermon a few days back on this topic, and it kinda dug at me, because I understood the implications of respecting men.

Christians, give too much thought as to what people think of us. We cave in to gain the approval of peers or random people alike, and the bible denounces this. God called you to rebuke sin regardless of how you feel towards the perpetrators.

But first, what is respect?

Dictionary definition states:
“A feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by abilities, qualities or position in society”
Straight from the get go we see what respect means. It’s described as a sort of approval of someone, if we respect a person we sort of hold their opinions or actions in high regard. Even if the respected person does something that offends us, or goes against our creed we are more adept to give an ear to them or give them some leeway.
With that being said, who should a Christian respect? Who exactly are we to hold in high regard and obey? The bible says God. In fact, the bible goes further to illustrate that we are to fear him. Respect yes, but fear him. The problem is, we don’t , more often than not we substitute the instructions of God for the approval of men. Some of us even fear men, that in and of itself is foolish, the bible describes fearing men as entering a snare (Proverbs 29:25)

In Deuteronomy 16:19, we see how stern God is in his commandments to the judges he appointed in those days. He warns them not to distort justice, and not to show partiality to anyone. Obviously, we aren’t in those positions of power as they were in those days, but we are righteous, he has separated us from the world. We ought not to show a hint of partiality to anyone when denouncing sin, not even to a fellow Christian who calls the name of God, once sin is spotted you denounce it regardless of who the person is.

2 Chronicles 19:7
“Consider what you’re doing, for you do not judge for man but for the LORD who is with you when you render Judgement. Now let the fear of the LORD be upon you, be very careful what you do, for the LORD our God will have no part in unrighteousness or partiality”

According to the bible verse above we see that when we rebuke sin, God is with us. When we walk up to someone who is doing something wrong and we denounce whatever action is being committed at that time God is with you. If that person complains that you’re admonishing them, understand that is what God wants them to hear. Which is exactly why I laugh off people who tell me rebuking sin is driving people away from Christianity. God removes weeds from his garden, if someone rebukes your sin and you walk away from the faith feeling annoyed and spiteful, you’re part of the weeds he seeks to separate from his prize crop.

The second part the verse warns us, we ought to look at how that verse is structured. The first part instructs, the latter warns. It states “Let the fear of the Lord be upon you” which is essential because, without the fear of Lord, his punishment of sins is virtually non-existent in our minds. I really don’t believe Christians today fear God. I honestly can’t assume we do, due to the honest fact that we don’t rebuke sin. God doesn’t have a part in unrighteousness or iniquity, and that should tell any “Gay Christian” that they’re fooling themselves.

I was reading a Pastor’s article the other day and he claimed, Jesus would accept gay Christians. It was way too clear to me, that he valued people’s opinions and that he belittled God’s. I wasn’t surprised but I was concerned. If a pastor, who not only claims to be born-again but stands up to spread the word of God from the pulpit, claims that Christians can be gay, what else can he claimed that God allows?
Now I understand that nowadays if you dare to call out homosexuality for what it really is (God describes it as a sin against nature… I need not elaborate on the fate of Sodom and Gomorrah) you’ll be slammed with various terms and insults from men, but we choose to let that get to us. Don’t be a respecter of persons, concern yourself only with the word of God and you’ll find favour with him. (Proverbs 24:23-25)

Whether it’s our parents we see doing something wrong or that person you regard a close friend, you are not to hold back when reprimanding them, because God is with us at that moment it time. He can use that instance to see if truly you follow him or not. If you’re someone who retreats from sharp rebuke he’ll retreat from answering your prayers. He doesn’t favour cowards at all. If at all a Christian fears the words of men more than he/she fears the word of God, that person is better suited to follow the world. He is much better off in there than to fool himself that he is a follower of God.

Don’t be a respecter of persons.

“Mine eye Affecteth mine heart”

Lamentations 3:51

To just about everyone, this current generation (millennials) are characterized by their visual culture. We were practically raised in front TV screens from children upwards, while this might be seen as a normal change due to the technology available at that time to each generation, it is quite alarming the rate at which the average millennial is glued to their various TV sets, and as usual the effect of such an addiction to TV screens has been noticed and commented on, but not broadcast for everyone to know, for obvious reasons.
Obviously, I’ll be probing this issue from a Christian’s point of view, as it’s quite clear to me from the bible that our adversary, the devil, doesn’t slack in his evil ways, and of course has been hard at work in influencing an entire generation’s upbringing.
But here as some facts about that “harmless” TV set in your house.(from http://www.eruptingmind.com)
. TV and media screens have a profound effect on the brain, after 10 minutes of watching, the individual’s brain is put in a hypnotic state. It does this by lowering our brains waves to comatose levels. This is a result of screen flickers.
. In addition, the left sides of the individual’s brain (handles logical situations, thought and critical reasoning) shuts down or hibernates, at this point your consciousness dims and your sub-conscious is exposed bare.
Basically, you’re dumb.
. Any information taken in at this point is no longer filtered consciously, it is passed with no level of discernment at all to our subconscious, where it can radically alter our perception on beliefs or create new beliefs. In shorter words, you can be programmed with the information passed along from TV screens.

Pretty alarming isn’t it?

So what we just learnt from that little piece of information is that, we cannot logically function while watching TV. Some may not agree with what they just read, for good reasons too, but take the time to research on it.
Does this affect Christians in any way though?
Yes, critically to be honest. You see, unlike the people of the world, we recognize we have an enemy that seeks to devour us. The bible describes the devil as a serpent, he watches patiently, analyzing us for the smallest lee way he can use to pervert us and cause us to sin. We human beings are greatly influenced by what we see, the bible shows us this in the case of David and Bathsheba.

(2 Samuel 11)
In this story we see how satan, caused David to sin. David, was more or less a model for a Christian. His trust in the lord was infinite, his faith unflappable and his obedience was sound, but he let his guard down and the devil pounced. He was in his palace, he went outside and saw Bathsheba bathing, by seeing her naked , he began to lust after her in heart, one thing led to another and he ended fornicating with her and killed her husband to cover up his tracks.
Now, if you judge what exactly happened there you’ll see that what David saw influenced his heart which in turn influenced his decision. All satan had to really do was get him to see Bathsheba naked, and the whole situation snowballed into a tragedy. It worked well for satan that time, its still works well for him today. Only now, he has a far greater reach, thanks to TV sets in practically everyone’s home. He has been able to pervert an entire generation, with very little interference, thanks to the television.

I can rightfully say, that most Christians with the privilege to have a TV set or a multimedia device has watched a movie or sitcom full to brim with filth, and as much as we may not like to admit it, it has influenced us in one way or another. Thanks to the facts displayed above, we can tell that we really don’t have control over what we allow our subconscious to be exposed to, and due to the fact that we are Christians we can testify to the fact the devil can and has used what we have watched to sneak into our thoughts. I mean, how many times have we watched a movie where a sin, such as homosexuality or fornication was downplayed greatly? Maybe where, we sometimes even laughed off the seriousness of that atrocity or maybe even wanted to commit such a sin because it felt good in the movie? It is exactly why today, a so called “Christian” can open their mouths proudly and defend a sin, or will go commit a sin without feeling the slightest pang of guilt.

The bible doesn’t say the devil lets you off sometimes, It says he’s after you ALL THE TIME. He will use any method, go by any means, use any device to shake your faith or desensitize you to sin and he won’t stop to take a breath. He’s that ruthless to people who choose to cling to God.
Judging by the alarming effect of a television on our brains, you need to understand that he will launch his main attacks from there. We simply cannot downplay this knowledge or write it off, it would be foolish of you to do so. There are way too many movies, series or sitcoms each with a different assortment of poisonous filth out there waiting to be watched, it’s not surprise the devil will very much want you to set your eyes on that so that he can plant whatever he wants to in your heart. We may not be able to control what enters our heart once we expose it, but we can control what we expose it to.
Psalms 101:3

” I shall set no wicked thing before my eyes”
God bless.

Take up your Cross

It’s no surprise that many Christians seem indifferent as to what they’re called to do. You may have repented of your sins and yes, you are promised heaven, but your Christian life doesn’t end there. If you read the bible a little more you’ll see you aren’t just called to live without sin you’re called to lead others to that life too.
Jesus Christ doesn’t charge lost sinners with spreading the gospel. He has given you that task, we are aware of what lies in store for sinners in terms of God’s judgement, but then again we aren’t aloof to the grace given to us thanks to Jesus’ sacrifice and we ought to spread that grace by rebuking people’s sins and ushering them to Jesus Christ. The only problem is that majority of us… don’t.
With iniquity having gone mainstream, it has become a norm and in some extremities it is applauded. Understand that we live in a culture where sin is blasted on every screen, glorified on every headline and taught to children. It’s no surprise that its inhabitants will be aloof of its effects. It’s also no surprise that this culture’s self-professing Christians would succumb to society’s pressure and turn a blind-eye on what the bible says about sin.
Most so-called Christians, who have been called to be set-aside from the world, have chosen to be in bed with it. Retreating at the slightest look of disapproval from society, they have chosen to strive for the frail and ever-changing opinions of man, at the compromise of God’s perspective. I’ve seen one too many Christians play down abortion, turn a blind eye on homosexuality and all but accept fornication (with open arms by the way). They’ll rather lust after celebrities and waste their time on utter nonsense than struggle to live for God. It’s honestly no surprise that society will degrade to this point when self-proclaiming Christians, who are called to be the salt of the earth fail to set an example, choosing to live in iniquity rather than take up the cross and live for Christ.
How then can you called a born-again Christian? Even if you do, what exactly did he save from? I tell you what, you weren’t saved from sin if you keep living and priding yourself in sin, and you’re surely not living for him if only you keep his commandments to yourself.
Others, rather pitifully, have chosen to become hermits and live under a shell, they delude themselves by keeping their mouths shut and refraining from rebuking sin. But this wrong, to those people, you must remember the story of Lot. Lot was described as a just man, he along with his daughters were saved from the judgement God wrought upon Sodom and Gomorrah. But the fact that seems to go under the radar is that, Lot didn’t preach to the people of Sodom and Gomorrah, the bible says he vexed his soul against their sins (2nd Peter 2:8) but didn’t speak out against them. The implication? Some of the only people he knew and loved (his wife) went straight to hell. I need not show you how hurtful the knowledge of your loved ones going to hell is like. The bible clearly tells you not to have their blood on your hands. (Ezekiel 3:18) if you know what they’re doing is wrong, you better tell them.
Just because we were saved from eternal punishment by Jesus Christ doesn’t mean we should rest or hang up our legs. No, it means quite the contrary, you are aware of a sinner’s plight you ought to alert them to what’s in store for them before it’s too late. It’s already insulting enough to God, to witness people he saved cowering for fear of man’s disapproval, does he have to bear so-called Christians live a sinner’s life too?
We are called to be the salt of the earth, which is iconic because salt irritates, people will always disapprove of you for calling out their sins, it’s happened ever since God raised up prophets, but that shouldn’t make you stop. It should spur you on.

When you see people’s disapproval of you or hear their insults, due to you revealing their transgressions against God, know that you’re on the right path because Jesus pulled out of the world and commanded you to rebuke it.
You want to really emulate Christ?
Matthew 16: 24 “If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me”
He never said it would be easy.
God bless.

Resuming activity..

It’s been quite sometime now since this blog has been active and that is solely due to me having some issues ( i get quite lazy… to be honest). But it has convicted me in a way that the Holy spirit reminds me of the message i ought to be spreading.

It’s no surprise that people do read these posts and change their viewpoint on certain matters that we address in our everyday lives and in all honesty it impacts me too, being a teenager in this day and age, i’m exposed to various scenarios, lifestyles, cultures, words etc that really change the way a born-again christian ought to behave and live. We cannot sometimes control what we’re  exposed to ,but we can control the way react to those exposures , be they immoral or moral. My point is , studying the word of God and writing this blog helps…. a lot, and some in this audience have told me it changes them too, and me leaving this blog in a period of inactivity has veered me off-course in certain areas of my behavior and character in the negative sense. I prayed, listened to sermons and found out that regularly spreading the word of God has an impact both on the messenger  and his audience, a sort of spiritual exercise if you will. I mean, you can’t jog once and stay fit forever…. it simply doesn’t happen.

In all, I’ll be updating once a week, due to time it takes to refine and study on certain topics that the holy spirit convicts me to share with you all. I pray the contents of the message highlight the areas in which we fall short of God expectations and motivate us to ask for forgiveness and repent.

God bless.


Are you a christian?

Weird right? I believe anyone reading this post would have already said in their heads, Duh! Fine. Just read this message and  think it over.


In ancient history a few decades after Jesus Christ died. The gospel of Jesus Christ was being spread around the roman empire, the way Jesus lived and his meekness was taught to those who listened. The people who adopted the gospel in their lives began to live in a certain way that was alien to the people living in the Roman empire. They began to characterize these followers of the gospel with the deity they emulated. That deity was Jesus Christ. The followers when then called christians. This was recorded in the bible in Acts 11:26 by the apostle Paul. It therefore goes to say that whosoever calls the name of Jesus Christ must depart from iniquity

That is just the history of it. Now we enter the world that we are in. According to wikipedia, there are 2.4 billion christians around the world. Yeah right. In the bible it says, whosoever calls the name of Christ must depart from iniquity. I don’t think that there are up to 2.4 billion people in the world who really chase after Jesus Christ. I mean, if we were up to that number, homosexuality and abortion will not be allowed in the world. The exact number of true Christians in the world are hard to find, simply because they do not seek worldly things and would therefore be hard to find, talkless of count.

Ok….. so there  aren’t many of us around right?

Yeah. To me, I believe 98% of people who call themselves Christians are mislead. Over the years, people have been mislead to believe that because they were born into families where their father or mother describe themselves as Christians, they were automatically “born” Christians or that because they attend “churches” they also automatically qualify. What a joke…

In  a way though, they are correct. But learn this , you  only are “born” a christian when you are born again through Jesus Christ! This is the only way you can come to call yourself a Christian!! the word born-again is not one to be taken likely, when you are born again, Jesus Christ had made you anew. You are no longer the sinful person you once were, you now have power over sin and can resist it by calling on his name. No man, i mean no man  outside of the repentance through Jesus Christ has power over sin. Only Jesus Christ does.

So how do we become Christians then?

It is very simple… get on your knees and confess your sins to God. Acknowledge that he died for sins and payed for your sins and beg for forgiveness. He will surely listen and make anew, he then sends the holy spirit into you to guide and comfort you throughout your life.

So once again, Are you a Christian?

Now its confusing….

Modern day idolatry….

Acts 7:41 And they made a calf in those days, and offered sacrifice unto the idol, and rejoiced in the works of their own

hands. Yeah…. We all think that we have somehow outgrown idol worshipping nowadays. Most people will have already relaxed and declared that they don’t worship idols , I mean its all silly right? Just read on.

What is an idol?

An idol is any image, material object or person representing a deity, or someone of extreme significance to which worship is given and is adorned with admiration and devotion.

Longman Dictionary definition of worship: “To admire and love someone very much”/ “To admire or love someone so much you fail to recognize their faults”

Into the history….

Olden day worship of idols dates as far back as the ancient city of babylon. Mankind  turned away from God and began worshipping and serving idols in addition to other abominable acts. The first idol ever worshipped was a man named nimrod.He was apparently a great hunter and was against the Lord, and was worshipped as a stag god or winter god, some other sources put him as the sun god. They had great festivals and erected huge temples to him. This act of idolatry kindled God to anger and he took action. While Nimrod was out hunting, God made Shem(one of Noah’s sons) rip him  to pieces. In the bible it says that the act of worshipping idols provokes God to jealousy. Don’t think he stopped there, he caused babylon to be conquered more than five times throughout history and see great persecution in the hands of different empires. Now, we fastforward a bit to the time of Moses and the Israelites.

The Israelites entered the land God had promised them and they began to pick up the idol worship left behind by babylon. While Moses went up the mountain, they demanded Aaron melt gold jewellery to create a golden calf. This tells you how bad humans can become without God. They danced around the idol and sacrificed animals to a golden animal! Again God sought to waste them and would have if not for Moses persistent begging to spare them.

it happens to reoccur every time in history. Israel continued to worship a multisexual god known as Baal. Greece worshipped a multitude of gods, this practice infiltrated the roman empire and slowly entered India. which still continues to worship a huge amount of gods in a system known as Hinduism, the last count of the swarm of gods being over 2 million. Silly right?

Do you see a pattern there? We continuously rear up images or effigies from our imaginations  to worship and turn away from the Most high. For some reason we become completely devoted to them for absolutely no reason and tend to defend them to the very end.


Modern times

Leviticus 19:4 Turn ye not to idols, nor make to yourselves molten gods: I am the Lord your God

We live in an age where people are now ignorant to the fact they still worship idols.Just that now, we no longer rear up golden cows (at least i think we don’t) and believe idol worship is a thing of the past.

The hard truth is…. we continuously rear them up everyday.

Sports has now become the major focus of television channels and there about 36 channels dedicated to sports in the United States alone. That’s about one-eigth of the total sports channels in the world. Modern day temples for sports worshippers  are now known as stadiums..The temples of ancient days could only house a few hundred people, but now can carry as much as  seventy thousand to a hundred people. There are approxiamtely 100 000+ stadiums around the world, multiply that by the average number of people that they carry and you have a world religion in the practical sense.

The noise of a stadium during a match is as loud as a jet airplane flying over a city when it breaks the sound barrier( that is over 140 decibels! enough to burst your eardrums!). During exceptional games now known as derbies,supporters rally round their city streets or go online showcasing  banners, shouting and chanting their club’s anthems or jeering at their opponents before flocking like aimless sheep to their “temples” battling extreme conditions and covering great distances to watch a match that lasts a little less than 2 hours. They find it compulsory to display their sole allegiance to their clubs and idols by covering their  bodies in paint and donning their clubs attire known as a jersey. Some derbies have resulted in fights breaking out and people dying, in Liverpool, fans of the local football club fought against the opposing sides supporters causing the stadiums supporting beams(pillars) to buckle under strain and collapse.

After the games, fans discuss the events that took place during the game in regularly hosted talk shows. In these talk shows they tend to pour out their deepest emotions and absolute love for the teams or idols that they support and how they feel they have impacted their lives. In Christianity, we call these acts testimonies, where we give thanks to God for the mercies he showed us in difficult times of our lives.

Some obsessed fans have changed their surnames to match that of a football club they support. Others, go as far as to put permanent marks on their skin detailing their idol’s name or face in the form of tattoos. The procedure of obtaining a tattoo is dangerous and can have blood related diseases transferred during the procedure. A danish fan successfully changed his appearance through cosmetic surgery to match that of his favorite sportstar Cristiano Ronaldo. the surgery cost him over tens of thousands of pounds. He says and i qoute

“My obsession for Cristiano is enormous. I’ve no idea how much I’ve spent emulating him but it’s definitely in the thousands.

I’ve met him for a couple of times and I can’t explain such a fantastic person he is.”


I hope its clear to people that we have absolutely no reason to worship these sports stars. We have no reason to travel in huge numbers, to get cramped up in huge temple to shout and fight for people who really don’t know you and in the least sense would have nothing to do with you. I stand by the fact that there is really no reason to spend money, time and energy chasing after people who really profit off your worship to them

If you just take some time to sit and think about it, i’m sure you would realize  the amount of time you have wasted serving idols that you have obligation to be devoted to.

Always remember to put God first

As we conclude, i must ask this question…. Do you worship  idols? If you do i advice you put it aside and beg for forgiveness.The God we serve is jealous God. It is infuriating to create a being, give life to that being and see it worship some entity he crafted in his mind. Understand that to be a true Christian you MUST put God first in your life. idol

God bless.